marketpoint living area in marketpoint bedroom in marketpoint

Market Point, Mullingar, Co Westmeath

Brochure Details

"Each apartment is furnished to showroom standards.. hardwood flooring, leather sitting room suites, stainless steel finishes on kitchen walls and alderwood kitchen units,... complete"

"The size and scale of Market Point allowed the landscape architects to create a variety of attractive outdoor spaces, complete with paved paths, patios, specially designed seating, sculpted features and atmospheric garden lighting."

"Each element in the interior design scheme enhances the contemporary theme".


Professional Team

Architect: John Fleming Architects, 3-10 Chancery Lane, Dublin 8

Site Architect: LLloyd Architects, Clarinbridge, Galway

Interior Design: BR Design, 70 Avondale Park, Dublin 5

Structural Engineers: O'Reilly Stuart & Associates, Castle Street, Mullingar